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Polymite is the name of these beautiful snails that decided to travel to the blockchain to prove that although they are the slowest creatures in the universe, they can also organize the most exotic races of all time.


This is not just another collectible NFT... Times are coming when sports are not just for humans and that is why each Polymite will participate in a series of unconventional races in which anyone can be the winner!

Interesting facts!

SEPARADOR 2 60x650.png
SEPARADOR 2 60x650.png

Each Polymite is a unique NFT token, even the smallest detail is hand drawn with more than 160 unique and randomly generated traits. Fast or slow will make no difference: Polymite genetics and ability to adapt to the terrain will determine their capacity to win or lose a race.


There will only be 10,000 unique pieces in an ERC-721 smart contract on the ethereum blockchain.

Our team

SEPARADOR 2 60x650.png
SEPARADOR 2 60x650.png

The maximum amount of Polymites that you can mint per transaction is 20.


These unique creatures will be available to mint for FREE directly from our website and later at Opensea.


Be sure to join our discord and twitter to find out about every detail of the project!

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